How about we let God decide?

November 6, 2007

There is a group on facebook that really annoys me. It is called, “Muslim Terrorists, an oxymoron.” Is it a group which promotes the idea that you cannot be a terrorist and Muslim together. Before I explain why I find this annoying, lets get one thing clear. I do not promote or encourage any kind of terrorism. I do not support it, and never will.

My only problem with this group is that they are basically labeling people to be Muslims or not. Where do they get the authority to decide if a person belongs to a certain religion or not. Its not just this group where I have seen this labeling take place.

The now suspended constitution of Pakistan labels a sect of Islam as nonmuslims. That makes perfect sense because as all Muslims know on the day of judgment, the Pakistani constitution will judge if you were a Muslim and not God.

This kind of blatant attempt to ostracize people does not only occur in Islam. Most Christians do not consider Mormons or Catholics as Christians.

Now back to that facebook group. If a person blows himself up in the name of Islam, no one has the right to call him a nonmuslim. Like I said you are not God. You can judge him to be evil, and condemn their action. You can vocalize that a very small part of Muslim world believes in that kind of fundamentalism. You can deem them to be either a good or bad person. But you have no right to change their identity, by casting them off as unbelievers of a faith.

This kind of action just divides people and feeds into prejudices. There should be no ‘us and them’ mentality. This kind thought leads to hate and hate leads to far worse things.

The next time someone says they share your religion but they practice it differently from you, think of them as your brother in faith. Learn from them what things you do have in common. And above all tolerate and accept their beliefs. It is the best action one can take to live peacefully.


Countrymen, Do Your Part

November 5, 2007

Most revolutions occur when the middle class, the laymen, the ordinary citizens get so disenchanted with the situation in society they have to actions in their own hands. Now it is time for revolution to occur in Pakistan.

The situation in Pakistan has no place in the modern world. Civilization did not come this far for single person stop to suspend government. This kind of authorization regime is the one that needs to be suspended.

Do not be apathetic about this situation. Fight this tyranny with people power. Demand fair elections, demand a constitutional supreme court, demand justice from your land.

Ordinary people can do wonders when they band together. Forget your differences and think about the future. Preserve a country for your children to live happily and safely in. Take power into your own hands and spread democracy. Fight not only for your freedom to live in a environment where your opinion matter, where justice is carried out, fight for the freedom for your children, your brother, your sister, your neighbor, the weak, and the poor.

We are a new generation, we do not need to use force to have our will carried out. Thousands of years of civilization has taught us we can achieve greatness by not spilling a single drop of blood. We are the new educated generation of Pakistanis. We can fight this injustice by coming together, embracing oner another, and demanding change.

Military forces of Pakistan, the military is there to protect the citizens of ones country. It is not there to carry out the will of tyrants. Think about who you serve, and with whom does your loyalty lies. If you can realize your duty lies with your fellow countrymen, then abandon your orders. Unite with the people. Carry out justice in the name of the people not in the name of one person. By the grace of Allah, by uniting together we can build a land where all people have the freedom to live happily and safely. Lets embrace our new knowledge and unite. Unite in spite of out ethnicity, our religion, our politics. Lets unite because we all have Pakistan in common.

Pakistan will only survive because you will help it.

About Me

October 9, 2007

The name of this blog, “Ethica,” is Greek for ethics.

Pretty much Ethica is about my views about what is wrong and right in todays political, religious, and social affairs.

Somethings about me that will help you understand my views. I am a female college student in Texas. I am not American, I am South Asian. I moved to the U.S when I was five. Politically I am very liberal. But at the same time I tend to be very conservative and traditional when it comes to my own life. This is partly because I am a practicing Muslim.

For example, I support a womans right to an abortion. I personally think abortion is a terrible thing, but I have no right to stop you from having one.

I encourage you to voice your opinion if you disagree with any of my views.

Enjoy Reading!